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Photo of the Day: My Personal 365 Project

I  started my 365 Project in December of 2008. I thought it would be something I’d do for awhile, maybe a year or two. After the first year, I was hooked! In the beginning, finding interesting subjects was challenging, but my family pitched in. It wasn't unusual for my husband to say, “Myra, come quick! Your photo of the day is over here.”

Shooting every day has transformed my photography. Yes, I learned technique along the way. But that was just the icing. Shooting every day has taught me how to share the way the  world appears to me. Most of the time I “see” what I want to capture when I set up a shot. During my 365 journey, I recognized my progress when the photos I was shooting began to match the images in my mind.

I'll be the first to admit that some of the photos you'll see in my collection are lazy, certainly not  portfolio-worthy. I don't set out to be perfect, just honest. I've also hidden a few photos here and there to respect the privacy of others.

Since I've started this project, the most surprising thing is how my photos make me feel. Each one is priceless. My photos have the same effect on my memory as songs or smells that carry me away to a specific time. Documenting my life in photos makes it feel like I can pull my memories out, like books on a shelf, whenever I want to revisit a place or time. But I am happiest when I see that same recognition on the faces of others.

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